If there are any bids within the last minute of the auction, the auction will be extended in 3 minute intervals until there is no more competitive bidding.

Click the "Get Approved" button
Enter your information in the fields, you must include a bank contact, phone number, and fill out the LMA form.
If you made a mistake, the page will have a red box at the top with the issue in red.
Once you successfully register, you will receive a welcome email, and be allowed to bid on the lots.

Once you have registered, click the other link for that weeks auction.
You will be taken to the auction page. From here you can see all available lots open for bidding.
You can narrow your search by clicking on categories, or by using the "sort by" dropdown menu.
You can change the default layout, from either grid, or list, based on your preference.

Once you have found the lot that interests you, click on it, and you will be brought to the lot page.
From here, you can place bids in 2 ways:
Incremental bids: Bid increments are listed on the sidebar for different amounts, $0.25 increments up to $300, $25.00 after that.
Max Bid: You can enter a value higher that the next asking price and the system will bid on your behalf up to your max price. This is handy if you can't stay around the computer all day. The system will NOT "bid you up", it will ONLY keep you in until your max price and ONLY bid if there is another active bidder!
NOTE: if you place a bid, and are immediately outbid, it is because someone else has already placed a higher max bid. KEEP BIDDING!

By placing a successful bid, you are entering a binding agreement between yourself and NLVA. Bids for a particular item are subject to a minimum bid increment as posted. If you bid an amount below the minimum increment your bid will not be accepted. Once accepted, bids may not be retracted or cancelled and, upon acceptance by NLVA, constitute a binding agreement between the Buyer and NLVA. Bids for an item do not apply to subsequent offerings of identical or similar items. A bid that was unsuccessful may be reinstated if a problem arises with a higher bid. Bidders placing a winning bid through the site will be notified by e-mail. The current High Bid, and High Bidder will be visible to the site administrator, senior company staff, and the rep of the specific lot. Bidders/Buyers/Other reps will not know the identity of the current high bidder. As the auction comes to a close, make sure to "REFRESH" your screen, especially on Apple Devices, as they sometimes don't update as well as computers, or Andriod.

Down Payment.
All purchases will require a $100.00/head down payment due and payable at the conclusion of the auction. Those Buyers using satellite to purchase livestock will be required to wire transfer funds or send a check by overnight delivery the following business day.
Settlement Payment.
Acceptable payment is as follows: a check or wire transfer of funds. No drafts will be accepted as payment of livestock. If Buyer is not present at delivery, Northern Livestock Video Auction must receive payment no later than the following business day of delivery. This transaction can be done by either a wire transfer of funds or by overnighting a cashable check the day of delivery. In the event of multiple shipments, payment will be required on each day’s delivery. Any and all payments will be made to Northern Livestock Video Auction Custodial Account for Shipper’s proceeds.